A week of journalistic experience

A week of Journalistic Experience

TWJ-ISRAEL is an educational program for people with interest in the Middle East for different purposes, such as journalism, photography, documentary film-making, storytelling, political science and Middle East studies. Our licensed guides are experienced journalists with a vast knowledge of the Middle East in many subjects, which they will be glad to share with you. During a week of traveling around the country, we will take you to see for yourself the reality that exists beyond the headlines, videos and images that the Holy Land produces, more than any other country in the world.  


Private Tours

Jerusalem: Borders and Politics

If you are a person that’s visiting Jerusalem for more than sightseeing and have interest in the complicated relationships between the inhabitants of the holy city, this tour is tailored for you. Diplomats, investors, students, journalists, filmmakers or storytellers of all kinds with political and historical interests, are invited to contact us for an exclusive private tour that will shed light on the disturb city.  

Jerusalem: Culture, Religions and Flavors

The long history of the city brought to it people from all over the globe. The city’s holiness is what attracts some of them; the architecture of a city covered with limestone is a wonder for others, the flavors of the city and its bustling markets are a pleasure for everyone.  To enjoy the wonders of Jerusalem we at TWJ-ISRAEL thought about it all. Contact us for an unforgettable private tour and enjoy memorable moments.

The Road from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Historical sites, food, wine, and culture. (Good for anyone who loves mixing culinary experiences and history)

The Judean Desert and the Dead Sea

A jeep ride, swimming in the Dead Sea, visiting a kibbutz, a camel ride and some history. (Enjoyable for anyone interested in experiencing a taste of the daily life at the lowest place on earth)

Journalism & Photography Workshop

Learn how to work your camera in a new environment and how to tell a beautiful story using images alone.

Tailor-Made Private Tours

In addition to our scheduled tours, we also offer tailor made itineraries according to your requirements. We can design your trip to suit your budget, the time of year you prefer to travel, your chosen hotel type or your particular interests, for example.   Please contact us for further information.   TWJ-ISRAEL E-mail: Phone: +972-522-672-697       +972-525-268-969