Terms and conditions

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Terms and Conditions


In order for the trip to be a success, it is important to maintain several rules that will bind both the guiding team and trip participants.


  1. Staying on schedule: The group will stay on schedule in any case in which more than half of the participants have showed up on time. Thus, the program will leave every day at the scheduled time. (Should a person be late, he or she could meet us at the next stop on our daily schedule, but will be required to get there on his or her own accord by taxi.)
  2. Accommodation: The group will sleep in the same pre-booked hotel/hostel. This is so we participate together in activities.
  3. Freedom of action: Should anyone from the group wish to separate from it in the midst of a guided tour day, or wish to rest, for any reason, including illness – this will be done of his or her own accord, with no option for monetary refund from TWJ for said activity day. On our part, we are obligated to carry out the scheduled program each day as planned.
  4. TWJ is not liable for any damages caused to a participant or third party during the trip due to inappropriate conduct, drugs, alcohol, illegal acts, vandalism and violence.
  5. Conflict areas: The participant should be aware that during parts of the trip we will be in conflict areas (East Jerusalem, West Bank, Israel-Gaza border, Israel-Syria-Lebanon border), at which, unfortunately, a violent occurrence could happen at any given moment. Therefore, your payment and participation in the trip will only be approved once you sign this screen, which approves that you understand the risks involved in travelling in Israel, as well as your agreement to participate in the trip.
  6. Personal items: We recommend you insure your equipment before you come to Israel. We will not be held responsible for your possessions in any way (damages, theft, loss); responsibility for your own equipment is yours alone. Remember that travelling light will help make moving from one hotel to another each day easier and cause less worry. Furthermore, it is currently a comfortable season in Israel, with average temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius.
  7. Before and after the trip: Your arrival and departure from Israel as well as transfers to the hotel/hostel in Jerusalem will be your responsibility entirely (further details about shuttles and public transportation from the airport to Jerusalem will be sent before your arrival).
    Any delay in your arrival in Israel and at your hotel on the first day is not our responsibility.

We recommend that you land in Israel at least one day before the beginning of the trip in order to avoid delays. Once you arrive at the hotel, we will take care of the rest until the trip ends on its last day in .

  1. Unplanned events: Due to the dynamic reality in Israel (wars, floods, protests), there may be changes in the schedule throughout the trip. We will do everything within our power to solve the issue so that we successfully continue the trip as planned.
  2. Your health matters to us: The law in Israel requires tour guides to pass a basic course in first aid as part of the training curriculum, but this does not mean that tour guides actually know what to do in case of a complex health event, other than call for professional medical assistance or evacuate to a hospital. Therefore, it is important for us to clarify that the program we have built for you requires excellent health and good physical fitness, and is not suitable to those who do not match these health conditions.

Before you make a payment, , in which you declare your health condition. Should a health concern be found, to which we will not be able to grant the correct response (according to our knowledge of the field and experience), we will be forced to decline your request to join the trip, purely out of true concern for your own health and wellbeing.